A fast-paced game of manoeuvre and strategy

Assault on Gallipoli is an exciting new strategy game for 2 players aged 14 and up.

Historically accurate units and a detailed map put you in the boots of the ANZACs on 25 April 1915.

Can you succeed where the ANZAC commanders failed?

Can you make a breakthrough and capture the Gallipoli Peninsula?

Or can you, as the Turks, stop the ANZACs in their tracks?

Includes five scenarios that allow you to refight the key battles of the campaign:

Scenario 1.
The ANZAC Landing

Covers the ANZAC landing and establishment of the beachhead, from 25-29 April 1915.

Scenario 2.
The Turkish Counter-attack

On the night of 19 May, more than 40,000 Turks attacked the exhausted ANZACs in a desperate attempt to eliminate the narrow beachhead.

Scenario 3.
The Battle of Lone Pine

Revisit the famous attack on the Turkish trenches at Lone Pine that earned the Australians seven Victoria Crosses.

Scenario 4.
The Battle of Sari Bair

Relive the daring assault on the heights of the Sari Bair Range by the New Zealanders, British and Gurkhas.

SCENARIO 5. The August Offensive

Combines the Battle of Sari Bair and the Battle of Lone Pine scenarios for one epic contest to control the heights.